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Rogue recruitment is currently closed (however exceptional players are still encouraged to apply).
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Welcome to Humble~

We are a Rift: Planes of Telara guild focused but not limited to PvE raiding content.Our raiding core has currently downed 1/5 GSB and 4/4 Raid rifts.  Raid times will be posted within the week as they are currently being developed in an effort to accommodate as many raiders as possible.  

Member requirements are as follows:

    1. No drama.  Be mature (18+ preferred). Crybabies will be kicked ASAP.  If you have a problem, handle it with an officer.  Keep the bullshit out of /g.  

    2. No sensitivity/ability to accept criticism.  Can't get better without it.  Also on this note, please have a sense of humor.  QQing over a troll or other nonsense is dramatic (see item 1).  

    3. Ability to properly prepare for raids.  This means watching and read relevant strategies PRIOR TO and not during raid time.

    4. Commitment to excellence.  We expect our dps (and healers!) to be reading/discussing in forums here and elsewhere to theorycraft with others in their class in order to maximize their damage output on dummies.  This means using a parser and dedicating the tedious yet rewarding time to try multiple specs and rotations.  Put simply, if you don't take full  advantage of your gear don't expect to receive any loot.  

    5.  Speaking of loot, our current loot system is a loot council that votes to reward items with priority given to those with optimal DPS, attendence and size of item upgrade.  If you are a DKPaholic this guild is probably not for you.  

    6.  The loot council is currently handled by the officers/guild leaders:  Soma, Ryek, Kush, Jug, Keeper, Rekia. Exceptions/expansions to the council may be made as raids become more frequent to diversify the decisions and keep things as fair as possible but for now this list is static.  The reason for this loot system is simple: we want our most skilled and dedicated (both not one or the other) raiders to receive loot priority & DKP based systems do not always take both into account.  

    7.  Last but certainly not least, we expect raiding to be a priority for our raiding members.  This means that if you are online during a raid time and asked to attend a scheduled raid, you are expected to come.  That being said, do not begin a Teir 2 dungeon 45 minutes to raid time and then complain that you don't want to ditch your group etc.  If you want to skip a raid to gear up that is fine, but at the very least give officers prior notice.  We are not nazi's, we just want raids to be priority.  The only exceptions to this are those given our PvPer rank.  Members that apply and explicitly state that PvPing is their priority will not be given shit for raid exemptions as we know farming prestige ranks is a long process.  

Anyone seeking to apply should see our application template in the forums.  We are currently seeking to fill our last few raid spots with a solid warrior, mage and cleric and are closed to rogues.  However we encourage anyone interested to go ahead and apply as exceptional applicants will still be accepted.

Thanks for visiting.  

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